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Silver Jewellery For Your 25th Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations on coming up to your 25th wedding anniversary. This is an amazing achievement for you both, and something that you should celebrate and mark as a very special occasion. Traditionally, the 25th wedding anniversary is silver, making silver jewellery for your 25th wedding anniversary the perfect gift.

If you are approaching your 25th wedding anniversary and are unsure of what to get your partner for this special day, I can help. Here at Oakland Jewellery I can help you with a wide selection of silver jewellery options. You can take a look through our selection of jewellery designs, all made in house.

Alternatively, I can create a unique piece of silver jewellery with your partner in mind. You tell me what your partner likes, colours, styles, etc – then I will create the perfect silver jewellery item for them.

So why is silver jewellery for your 25th wedding anniversary the perfect gift for your loved one?

It’s Bright

When it comes to the most popular metal, silver has overtaken gold in recent years, and for good reason too. The shine of silver jewellery looks fabulous with any outfit. Diamonds and other precious stones can add a simple but gorgeous touch of sparkle and colour to silver jewellery too.

Numerous Styles & Options

The different types and styles of silver jewellery are almost endless. Whether you are looking for a beautiful eternity ring, a simple necklace, a sparkling bracelet, or some dangling earrings – silver is the perfect option. Because it’s so much more economical than gold, you could even have a full jewellery set designed. You could choose a set from our designs, or we can create a stunning design just for you.

It’s Interchangeable

The great thing about silver jewellery is that it looks fabulous with any other jewellery types. It’s so easy to wear - sitting happily alongside gold, platinum or other silver jewellery, or with any outfit; use it to brighten up a dress for a saturday night, or to add a little casual glamour to jeans and a t-shirt. If your loved one enjoys to mixing and matching their jewellery, then buying them a piece of silver jewellery is a great idea.

Looking for the perfect 25th wedding anniversary jewellery for your loved one? Call me now or view some examples of my work on the website, Instagram or Facebook.

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