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Lockdown Valentines Proposal Ideas

While lockdown has come with a lot of challenges, it’s brought couples a lot closer together too. From just seeing each other in the evenings, many couples are now seeing their partners non-stop – and they are in stronger, more loving relationships for it too.

“Will you marry me” is one of the most romantic questions ever to be asked. Just because we are all stuck at home, it doesn’t mean you have to wait. You just need to think a little differently about how you pop the question.

Proposal Abroad

If you were planning on sweeping your loved one away to a foreign country to pop the question, why not bring the foreign country to you? Look at the local foods of that country and cook that sort of meal. Play music from that country and maybe a picture at the window? You could learn how to say, “will you marry me?” in that local language too.

Simply Romantic

Breakfast in bed on valentines is a lovely treat. Why not keep the proposal simple and present the ring with breakfast in bed? Heart shaped toast, strawberry jam, some chocolate dipped strawberries and a glass of bubbles could create the perfect start to your lockdown valentine’s day. Think about how you will pop the question too. Will the ring be in the glass, or perhaps a note under their toast and jam?

Extend Your Journey

Create a trail of photos of your life and journey together. Starting with where you first met, first dates, pets, new home, meeting friends and more. Walk your partner through each photo, sharing your favourite memory of that photo. When you get to the last photo, it could be the question, or just a question mark. Then get down on one knee and ask your loved one to marry you.

A Zoom Quiz Night

We have all taken part in a quiz night on Zoom with friends or family at some point during lockdown. Why not plan a special Valentines themed quiz night for all your friends and family to join you at? You could include questions about famous couples, things that happened on that day and more. But the final question, that’s for one person and one person only. This is your chance to ask your loved one to marry you – and all your friends and family can join in the excitement.

Choosing an engagement ring during lockdown is hard. You don’t really want to choose one online. However, the shops aren’t open for you to look round. But don’t worry – we can help.

Here at Oakland Jewellery we can design the perfect engagement ring for your lockdown valentine’s proposal. We can chat over the phone or zoom about the style you would like. We will then send you some designs and talk through them together. The engagement ring can be made of the metal of your choice and include the gemstone of your choice too. Thus, creating a beautifully personal and unique engagement ring for a romantic lockdown valentine’s proposal.

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