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How to choose a bespoke diamond engagement ring

Proposing to your loved one can be a really nerve-wracking experience, but with the right engagement ring, everything seems so much easier. When you have chosen your own bespoke diamond engagement ring, you know your partner will love it.

However, choosing a bespoke diamond engagement ring can be tricky. This is because the possibilities can feel almost endless.

Firstly, it’s the shape of the diamond you need to decide on. You can get a round diamond, princess diamond, cushion diamond, emerald, marquise or even pear. Then you need to decide if you will have shoulder diamonds, a claw set, rub over set, trilogy ring or cluster.

Like we said, it can feel like the possibilities for a bespoke diamond engagement ring are almost endless. But help is at hand. Here at Oakland Jewellery we have many years'

experience designing bespoke engagement rings.

First, look at the ideas your partner has given you. Maybe she loves the ring of a friend that recently got engaged – what does that ring look like. Have they shown you a celebrity’s engagement ring that they love? Maybe walk past a jewellery shop and see which rings catch your partner’s eye. It’s a good idea to check out their Pinterest and Instagram too. See if they have left any clues or hints of rings they like and left there for you.

Another option is to have us design an engagement ring after the big proposal so you can choose one together. While this does take away the element of surprise, it can still work really well. You could purchase a cheaper ring to propose with. Then tell your partner you have an appointment booked with your jeweller to design the bespoke diamond engagement ring together. This does make it a truly special experience for you both.

Whether you choose to get the engagement ring with or without your partner, we are here to help. We can create various designs for you. You can then choose which design you prefer or any changes you would to the designs. It can be a daunting experience as it’s such a major life change. However, we are here to make it an enjoyable and exciting experience.

Take a look at our designs on the website or on social media to see what catches your eye, then call us to book an appointment.

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